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The often requested kitchen sink pack Direwolf20 is back, now on 1.19. Explore the far reaches of the universe with Ad Astra, or the dynamic new world created by Oh the Biomes You'll Go. Keep an eye out for the new Sky Villages and enjoy enhanced dimensions with Unusual End and Bygone Nether. And as always, enjoy the classics like Create, Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, plus so much more!

You can download the pack from the FTB App. We are using the pack beta version 1.3.2!

The server will open this Saturday, February 11th, around 4pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address: dw20.stonebound.net
Additionally if you are on the west coast of the US and have connection problems with the main one, there's also a new alternative address dw20.la.stonebound.net

I hope you enjoy the pack and I look forward to seeing you on the server!

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Lots of mod updates and a forge update
Actually surprised how many mods seem to be sticking on 1.19.2 for a while
Also Tofunians can exist now

Go catch a p*kecube.

change log
Server IP: cscar.stonebound.net

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Added Sophisticated Storage, Colossal Chests, and Bad Mobs

Tofu Dimension and End now theoretically exploitable without server death.
Not because the mods fixed it, but because Tofunians and Mankini Endermites will be snapped upon loading.

Server IP: cscar.stonebound.net
Not much else in changelog, but here

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Merry Christmas All! Server just updated to 1.5.0, mainly nerfing Mother Silverfish a little and a number of other changes.
Check out the changelogs below for a full list of changes and I'll see you ingame!

1.3.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100/changelog/2288
1.4.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100/changelog/2293
1.4.1 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100/changelog/2294
1.4.2 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100/changelog/2295
1.4.3 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100/changelog/2298
1.5.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100/changelog/2308

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Castle Scarecrow has been updated to 1.0.14, comes with a couple small mod additions and a large quantity of mod updates
Ram usage also seems to have decreased, and MCA villagers will now attempt to fight back using Pokecubes.
I have no idea why they do, as MCA and Pokecube are not on the list of updated mods, but it certainly works.

Full Changelog Here

Server IP: cscar.stonebound.net

Fair warning curse is having trouble recently, if you happen to get it while its down, itll probably be up in a few minutes, and down again.
It just works.


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