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hehe update go brrrrrrrrrr

changelog here for 1.6.7 specifically
1.6.3.-1.6.6 can also be found there


also some bees are gone (and respective blocks/combs)

resourcefulbees:creeper_bee: 475
resourcefulbees:ghost_bee: 512
resourcefulbees:leafcutter_bee: 482
resourcefulbees:rocky_bee: 516
resourcefulbees:skeleton_bee: 471
resourcefulbees:warm_bee: 481
resourcefulbees:zombie_bee: 474


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Just updated the server to the latest, just a bunch of mod updates and an alternative to compact crafting with the Thermal Smelter. Please update your pack and I'll see you on the server.


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After a long wait, mostly due to me being busy, it is finally time for a new server. We will be launching this Friday with the pack Seaopolis, a skyblock style server but in the ocean. There are quests and late game mods such as Ultimate Ingots and Mystical Agriculture for you to enjoy.

You can download the pack from any Curseforge compatible launcher.

The server will open Friday, May 28th, around 3pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address: seaopolis.stonebound.net

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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All the mods 6 has been updated to 1.6.2, this should deal with the impressive TPS issues and improve the life of anyone looking to get into BEES. Changelog can be found Here, remember to look at 1.6.1 too I suppose?

IP is the same as usual, atm6.stonebound.net


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