This is only a brief summary, you can read a blog series covering our full history on www.stonebound.net/history.

The server was originally founded in April 2014 by Siigari and Parz as a whitelisted TPPI 1.6.4 Server with custom mods added, after a few successful months the server died out with modpacks moving over to 1.7.10 and was forgotten for a while.

In August 2015 a few of the old Staff members (namely Alleluid, Twitch, Parz, oaurn, Dwaing) came together to revive the server with a new custom pack based on Resonant Rise, later Tekkit Legends with a subreddit as a server forum. However, due to lack of players on a custom pack and lack of vision the revival was rather unsuccessful, even though a lot of the old playerbase returned. During that time a few other old Staff members returned (namely phit and Graphika). After months of unsuccessful advertising it was decided that the server needed a single leadership, instead of the democratic attempts before that, to drive the server to old standards.

So in late November 2015 phit took over the leadership after discussing with Parz and the rest of the remaining staff, launching this new website and a new server, which was opened to the public on January 21st, 2016.

In October of 2022 the ownership of the server was officially transferred from Parz to phit.


The rules and ideas behind Stonebound haven't changed much over the years.

This is one of our advertising posts in 2014 the same principles still apply!

This server is a community of responsible individuals.
Building a house out of furnaces is a great way to get furnaces banned. To put it simply, if we were ever to find players doing things like that we'd probably have a laugh together then ask them to stop inducing lag on our server.
We don't monetize blocks. Donations -welcome as they are- do not give players an advantage. A donation is what it is, a donation. All these donations go towards is the server.
We don't ban items that cause dupe issues or items that are "cheaty." We don't run GriefProtection or any plugins as such. The world is ours, truly. We're adults on our server, and I think most of us understand that if we want to really stretch our enjoyment out we won't do things like that. We screen for quality and we care about things in the following order:

  1. Server first. Without the server there'd be no community.
  2. Players second. We need to work as a team to keep the players engaged and healthy.
  3. Administration is the last piece. Without admins a server wouldn't run. Without mods things could get hairy at times.

thanks to Twiice for providing this old advert!


Owner phit

All other currently active staff here.