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Chat Tags & Donator Benefits

Chat tags for staff members have returned, a change we've made to improve clarity for new members. With the new tag system for staff comes an opportunity for a new donator benefit. Donators now have the choice of having a colored username in game. If you are a donor and want a colored username, please message @phit on the forums and tell him what color you'd like. You can choose from the list of colors here.

Staff Changes

@Cookie_Chan (CuteTurret) is retiring from the staff team. We would like to thank her for her assistance during her time as Staff at Stonebound. Cute has been a wonderful member of the staff team, and while we are sad to see her go, we look forward to continuing to have her around as a member of the community.

Recent Skyblock Server Performance

First of all we changed offline chunkloading to only work for 48 hours after your last login, this change has been in effect for over a week now and helped the amount of chunks loaded. Even just logging in for 1 minute every two days resets the timer.

If you are currently sharing a base with a user who is inactive but has claimed chunks, you can ask a staff member to unclaim their chunks so that they can be chunkloaded by active basemates.

To further combat lag on the skyblock server we would also like everyone to check for the following things:

  • Extra Utilities Transfer Nodes

    • Reduce number of speed upgrades wherever you can afford to. Most of the time there is no need to have more than 16 in those. Try a stack upgrade too if possible and you can probably reduce the amount of speed upgrades even further.
    • Cobblestone generation with lots of stack upgrades is fine as long as the target inventory is directly touching the Transfer Node.
    • Server friendly alternatives: Warp Itemducts
  • Agricraft Sprinklers

    • No more than one per farm, don't have them overlapping.

New Warning & Ban System

We've revamped our warnings and bans system to better allow for various degrees of violations. As a result, players with warnings currently will have their history cleared. The only exception is for players who have a warning for lying about their age on their application, which will remain.

Our new system will include temporary bans for a cooling off period, which will last for as long as a staff member deems necessary. We will also have a three strike warning system, which will result in a ban after continuous violations. More severe rule-breaking may still result in an immediate ban, and staff will continue to have final say. If you have any questions or concerns about our updated system, or about any punishments you have received from a Staff member, feel free to contact @Graphika or @phit. As a reminder, our server rules can be found here.

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Please refrain from using Forge Microblocks with Thaumic Energistics.
This is a known bug that will cause the server to crash on world load e.g. after restart.

Use Applied Energistics facades instead.

Related Bug Report

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As it is now April 11th, the Steam gift card raffle has officially ended! We are pleased to announce that the winner of the $10 gift card is @Phoenixxx, who will be contacted shortly to receive his prize. Phoenixxx will also receive this forum trophy:


In total, 49 users were eligible for the raffle, and we appreciate all the activity that the server launch has brought, and look forward to continuing to play with all of you.

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Today we are pleased to announce that the Infinity Evolved Skyblock server is available to play! Infinity Evolved Skyblock is a modpack from the Feed the Beast team, and is available for download on the Feed the Beast launcher or Curse Voice.

Server Address: skyblock.stonebound.net

For players that are unfamiliar with Infinity Skyblock, it's a new pack that is a modified version of Infinity Evolved Expert Mode, re-imagined as a full blown Skyblock map with tons of customizations including a trophy reward system. The pack also features new and modified recipes that are only available in expert mode versions of Infinity Evolved.

To celebrate Skyblock's launch, we will be raffling off one $10 Steam gift card. To enter, simply log in and spend four hours or more playing on the new server anytime from now through April 10th, until 11PM UTC (6PM CDT).

As a reminder, the old server, Infinity Evolved, will be rotating onto the secondary server. The original map will still be available to play for another two months, after which the map will be available to download. Along with maintaining the old server, we have also enabled a cross-server chat, allowing players to read and respond to others regardless of which server they choose to play on.

We appreciate your patience in waiting for the launch of Skyblock, and look forward to seeing you all on the server again!

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Hey everyone!

The server has been a bit quiet the past few weeks, as almost everyone is waiting for the next server, so here's a little status update:

It looks like FTB Skyblock Expert won't be ready until next friday, so instead of choosing a different pack we decided to open up a small server to fill the gap. The server is running The Pioneers which is a 1.8.9 kitchensink pack you can download from the Curse Voice client.

Feel free to hop on, though keep in mind the server won't be around for longer than a few weeks at max, and is just meant as a playground to test out new mods! Chat is linked with the existing Infinity server, meaning both chats can be read on either server.

Address: pioneers.stonebound.net
Pack Website http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/the-pioneers


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