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Since 1.5.0 is completely broken as FTB does not seem it necessary to test multiplayer before marking a version as stable, this took way longer than necessary to update.

Changelog for 1.4.0 can be found here

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After achieving the required voting threshold, TechNodeFirmaCraft is ready for takeoff. As the creator of the TNFC Petition, Mechjeb has written us a lovely announcement for launch.

Have you ever wondered what its like to be a Victorian orphan?
Does the idea of plundering Mother nature's bounty for personal profit bring tears of joy to you eyes? Have you every felt the Alpha desire to corner the space tourism market via vertical monopoly? Do you dream of the lamentations of your enemies as they burn in nuclear fire?
Come on down to our new TechNodeFirmaCraft server, Where you can Live the American Dream (TM)(c) of being a "Self Made" Oligarch of one or more Thrilling industries.

We have:

  • Rock knapping
  • Hunting
  • Forestry
  • Primitive pit smelting
  • Subsistence agriculture
  • Child based coal mining
  • Blacksmithing
  • Early industrial processes
  • Petrochemical refining
  • Interdimensional horrors beyond comprehension
  • Infotech manufacturing
  • Space tourism
  • And the ever popular nuclear proliferation

Join us as we manifest our destiny across on Friday, March Third, 2023 at 4 PM UTC and show those primitives how civilized folk ought to do it.

(We are not liable for any starvation, mauling, infestations of undead, heatstrokes, poisonings, food poisonings, maimings, destruction of property by local vegetation, and/or explosions. Some limitations apply, all extracted resources are sole property of Stonebound Extraction Incorporated (SEI). You may be stranded on the new world for some time.)

You can find the pack on ATLauncher and Curseforge, launch version will be 12.2.81. 12.2.82
Unless you're on ATL, in which case it might say 12.2.81
Just, download the latest version as of 3/3/23

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The often requested kitchen sink pack Direwolf20 is back, now on 1.19. Explore the far reaches of the universe with Ad Astra, or the dynamic new world created by Oh the Biomes You'll Go. Keep an eye out for the new Sky Villages and enjoy enhanced dimensions with Unusual End and Bygone Nether. And as always, enjoy the classics like Create, Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, plus so much more!

You can download the pack from the FTB App. We are using the pack beta version 1.3.2!

The server will open this Saturday, February 11th, around 4pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address:
Additionally if you are on the west coast of the US and have connection problems with the main one, there's also a new alternative address

I hope you enjoy the pack and I look forward to seeing you on the server!

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Lots of mod updates and a forge update
Actually surprised how many mods seem to be sticking on 1.19.2 for a while
Also Tofunians can exist now

Go catch a p*kecube.

change log
Server IP:

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Added Sophisticated Storage, Colossal Chests, and Bad Mobs

Tofu Dimension and End now theoretically exploitable without server death.
Not because the mods fixed it, but because Tofunians and Mankini Endermites will be snapped upon loading.

Server IP:
Not much else in changelog, but here


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