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Just updated Oceanblock to 1.8.0, please update your pack! Just some minor bugfixes and mod updates again, full changelogs as always on the Feed The Beast website

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Just updated the Oceanblock server to 1.6.0, sorry for the wait! Please update your pack to play.

There are lots of bugfixes, quest related changes and balancing so make sure to read the changelogs on the FTB website

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Who would have the nuts to relaunch a server a third time you ask? hehe

All the mods 6 has been reset and launched on 1.8.8, and if I don't see the people who voted for it playing on it at least once, I will ping them once a day for a week.

Desparingly, Chisel and bits has been removed, if you have a complaint, go lynch the all the mods team. Preferably by repeatedly pinging the devs and telling them Scarlet says they smell like old beer cheese.

Old world is not immediately available for download, because, I have no idea how to access the database, and boss is out of town. It should be available sometime in november-ish.

Relaunch was mostly caused by the removal of Chiseled and addition of several world gen mods. I believe a couple new recipes involving ATM stars were also added in the process. There's also quite a few quests now, if you're into that, compared to the initial launch. Anyways, go visit the page here for more details, or alternatively, the github which has commit history, which can be found on previously linked page.

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I hear progression should be fixed in this version, have fun with that!

Change-logs available here

If something breaks, I blame Lachian!

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I just updated the OceanBlock server to the latest pack version 1.2.0! Please update your pack.

I hope you have been enjoying the pack, if you haven't tried out the pack yet, it's definitely an interesting take on skyblock even for the ocean sub-genre.

You can find the full pack changelog on the FTB website


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