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Sorry for the delay in getting the server updated, I really couldn't get it done any earlier. Notable additions: Blood Magic, Cyclic and ExtraStorage, enjoy the update! For full changes see the links below

1.7.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/95/changelog/2233
1.8.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/95/changelog/2234

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Hope you are all having a good weekend, just updated the server version to 1.6.1. Notably AE2 Additions and Flux Networks were added, and the angel ring now requires FE to function.

See the full changelogs on the FTB website linked below
1.6.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_presents_direwolf20_1_18/changelog/2225
1.6.1 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_presents_direwolf20_1_18/changelog/2228

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Updated the server to the latest version, I also reset everyone's chunkloaders due the continued issues with server startup time in this pack. Still no lead as to what is exactly happening..
Notably this version adds Industrial Foregoing, rest of the changelog linked below

1.5.0 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_presents_direwolf20_1_18/changelog/2141
1.5.1 - https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_presents_direwolf20_1_18/changelog/2142

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First big pack update after the launch, just a lot of mod updates, you can find the full changelogs on FTB's website linked below, see you on the server!

1.4.0 https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_presents_direwolf20_1_18/changelog/2135
1.4.1 https://feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_presents_direwolf20_1_18/changelog/2138

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Minecraft 1.18 has finally stabilized and with it we have the release of the 11th generation of the classic Direwolf20 pack,
just in time for the release of Vanilla 1.19 next week. There's a couple new mods like Little Logistics, Dire's own Laser IO, Hex Casting,
and of course a massive list of mods you know and expect from a Direwolf20 pack.

You can download the pack from the FTB App

The server will open tomorrow Friday, June 3rd, around 5pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address: dw20.stonebound.net
US West Coast Address: dw20.la.stonebound.net

I hope you enjoy the pack and I look forward to seeing you return to the server!


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