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Castle Scarecrow (Scarecrow Castle?) is a pack I threw together early in the stages of 1.19.2
You can think of it as a Sandbox pack along the lines of LITV or TAOHALK
Some of the big mods included are Create, Evilcraft, CrossroadsMC, Minecolonies and... Pokecube

You see this pack is sort of a "teeth gap" filler, while I don't have time to make a proper expert pack, there's several mods we haven't really had on stonebound despite myself enjoying them.

Being a "Scarlet born collection", this pack includes a lot of gimmick mods for you to... discover
Some of them are even in the under 10k category, I actually scoured the entire 1.19.2 list in like 2 days and then weeded out what caused trouble over several weeks.

To be honest one of the reasons this took so long to release from its inception is I wanted to surprise my self as well.
That is to say I've probably forgotten a good deal of the mods in this pack, I just know that it runs.

It'll be releasing on December 17th, 2022
at 4 PM UTC (Roughly 14 hours from post time)

Server Address:
You can get the pack here

Special thanks to BeefJerky and Anima_Mundai for being a test dummy.
If life is too stressful, just become a cow.

PS - 1.0.11 was uploaded like 3 hours ago but curse is struggling to process it, 1.0.10 will work fine with the server, it just changes a couple client configs that makes things pretty and removes Neat and Liquid Block Mod
I want to post the announcement now though, so if you download early you might not get those couple edits.
Not too important just don't freak out if you see it available for update after downloading.

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Ready for the weekend? Server just updated to 1.2.1, mostly making the late game easier. See the changelogs below and I'll see you in the game!

1.2.0 -
1.2.1 -

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First patch after the launch, hope you have been having fun playing! There's some nice additions in this update, notably AE2 Things with its faster and better inscriber, also lots of bug fixes.
You can find the full changelogs on FTB's website linked below, and I'll see you on the server.
1.1.0 -
1.1.1 -

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The latest iteration of the FTB Stoneblock series is out, for people not familiar with the series its a twist on skyblock but instead of all void the world is all stone.
New in this version, as you travel further from your spawnpoint you will go through various layers of Nether and Endstone. There's quests and lots of mods to master.

You can get the pack on any FTB App (-compatible) Launcher

The server will open Friday, November 4th, around 4pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address:
Additionally if you are on the west coast of the US and have connection problems with the main one, there's also a new alternative address

I hope you enjoy the pack and I look forward to seeing you on the server!


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