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We are excited to announce our next server, StoneBlock, a recently created Modpack with a lot of content, including quests and a whole new environment! It's basically the opposite of SkyBlock; instead of an empty world, it's set underground in a world completely out of stone. You start in a cave with very little equipment, but it will be all you need to start building up a subterranean base and work your way up the ladder of progression.

You can download the pack from the Twitch Launcher. Just search for StoneBlock in the modpack section.

The server will open Friday, October 5th, around 6pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address: stoneblock.stonebound.net

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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We just updated the Revelation server to the latest recommended version, please update your pack!

2.5.0 - https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-revelation/files/2618038

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After the long period of inactivity, we are closing our FTB Continuum Server on the upcoming weekend. The population had dropped rapidly after players discovered the unforgiving late-game stage, but it was fun while it lasted: plenty and massive teams, inspiring builds and an overall challenging progression.
A new Modpack will take its place in the near future, stay tuned for further announcements on that!
The world will be available for download here, once the server is closed.

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We are happy to announce our next server, FTB Unleashed for Minecraft 1.5.2. Why such an old version you may ask; well, the new pack scene is rather disappointing right now and we wanted to revive our retro server series. FTB Unleashed was the flagship pack back in 2013 for FTB, the spiritual successor to FTB Ultimate. It was also the biggest FTB pack ever up to that moment, coming with a lot of classic mods.

You can download the pack from the Twitch or FTB Launcher. Just search for FTB Unleashed in the Feed The Beast modpack section.

The server will open Friday, September 7th, 6pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

Server Address: unleashed.stonebound.net

As per usual, to free up space for new servers, we have taken down Ultimate and Sevtech and both world downloads can be found here.

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This is the fifth and last post in the "Story time with Parz" series, to read all posts visit forums.stonebound.net/history.

When I started this place I had no idea it would last as long as it has. In the time Stonebound has been up - I’ve built and sold a business. I got married and most importantly my wife and I welcomed to the world a beautiful baby girl. Stonebound has been rewarding for me individually for may reasons. As cheese balls as it is, I like knowing in some small part I’ve thrown some positive energy into the fray.

The last couple of months the amount of money I've had to pay to keep this boat a-float has been dropping. Folks have donated via Patreon and some via PayPal. Some of the people who have given money have asked not to be acknowledged so i’m not going to list them here.

But I will say this, Honestly - thank you, it really does help and we appreciate the acknowledgement.

A few weeks ago, I was driving to Michigan to spend time with my in-laws. The drive takes 7 hours so I had lots of time to think. Thinking about Stonebound and the history of stories and people I've met along the way I was left with the need to say thank you. Thank you to the person who has made all of this possible.

One constant you may have noticed in these stories is that phit has been involved every step of the way. Many people have come and gone - but phit has been here from the start, plugging away, working to improve this community.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know phit. I’ve had many debates with him over the years and one of the many things I have come to admire about his character is how honest he is. He tells you what he thinks. Not enough people these days say it as they see it. He's been great as my friend and even better to Stonebound as the glue that holds it all together.

Thank you phit for making all of this possible 🙂

When you see him in discord or on the server - Join me in thanking him. He’s a humble guy who works really hard let him know it matters.

Today I’m announcing phit is now the co-owner of Stonebound. This may not mean much to you, but it’s the only thing I have left to give to a guy - who has given all of us so much. It also means that when I decide to walk away completely from Stonebound - it will live on.

I want to thank the retired staff, as well as the active Staff; Graphika, simibubi and maskj003. They volunteer time and effort to make sure Stonebound keeps on keepin on.

Moving forward we have our eyes on upgrading the server. We have reached the capacity of what can be done with this hardware and phit is already working on the preparations. At this point - the timeline in unclear, Donations have always been optional but if you care to help links are on stonebound.net.

So that's it! You made it to the end of the series. Thanks for indulging me and looking past my third grade spelling and grammar errors.

I may not play on Stonebound much anymore. But I think you can see from the stories i’ve shared in this series - it’s been fun for me. I hope you find the same fun while playing here.

Until next time,



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