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Just updated the server All The Mods 5 server to 2.16, there's a bunch of new mods since last weeks update. As always please report any new issues as they arise.
You can find the changelogs on Curseforge:
2.15 -
2.16 -
2.16a -
2.16b -

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All The Mods 5 was just updated to 2.14, please update your pack. Notable changes are the removal of the cave mining dimension.
You can find the full changelog on Curseforge:
2.13 -
2.14 -

MC.Eternal was also updated and is now running, there are too many changes to really list here. Please read the changelog on Curseforge and let me know if there are any issues with the upgrade from 1.3.6.

1.3.7 - -

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A bit late, but I just updated the pack and server to 2.12. I'll be on vacation for another week, so please excuse the lack of support during this time.
You can find the changelogs for 2.11 and 2.12 on Curseforge:

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Two updates, twice the fun, probably not but hey updates!
The All The Mods update should fix a bunch of crashes, including Wither protection on Supremium armor! Looking forward to the new issues you will find 😛 Full changelog on Curseforge:

Kreation 2 was also finally updated, sorry for taking so long. Basically updated all the things, let me know about any new issues. Full changelog on Curseforge:

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Just updated the server to 2.9, please update your pack and while waiting maybe plan a grave for your Kappa Pick.
Somewhat interesting update this one, couple new mods including Rats and Dank Storage. Full changelog as always on CurseForge:


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