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Hey everyone!

The server has been a bit quiet the past few weeks, as almost everyone is waiting for the next server, so here's a little status update:

It looks like FTB Skyblock Expert won't be ready until next friday, so instead of choosing a different pack we decided to open up a small server to fill the gap. The server is running The Pioneers which is a 1.8.9 kitchensink pack you can download from the Curse Voice client.

Feel free to hop on, though keep in mind the server won't be around for longer than a few weeks at max, and is just meant as a playground to test out new mods! Chat is linked with the existing Infinity server, meaning both chats can be read on either server.

Pack Website

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It is coming up on two months since our current Infinity Evolved normal mode server officially launched. As such, the staff team has discussed options for the next server pack. We have decided on an Infinity Evolved Skyblock pack, which is currently in production and we hope it will be finished soon. In the meantime, there are a few points we'd like to address before the next pack launches.

The current server will remain online for two months after the next server launches. You will still be able to play on the current server if you are not interested in playing on the Skyblock pack. There will also be a cross-server chat, so you can easily play and talk with your friends. After the two months are over, the server will be available for download and taken offline for good.

With the new pack being another version of Infinity, we have had some users request that the next pack be in expert mode. For those unfamiliar, this means much harder recipes, on top of it being a Skyblock server. To properly gage the interest, we've decided to create a poll. You are also welcome to voice any opinions, concerns, or suggestions in this thread. Again, keep in mind that the current server will still be available to play if you have no interest in the new server.

Poll is now closed, thank you to all who voted!

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After an intense event, here are the standings from the February 6 Maze Battle:

The winners are:

1st — themonstaman
2nd — L0NExW0LF
3rd — CoolTeen123456


Tsaygara vs themonstaman — themonstaman wins 2:1

CoolTeen123456 vs L0NExW0LF — L0NExW0LF wins 2:1

CoolTeen123456 vs Tsaygara — CoolTeen123456 wins 2:0

themonstaman vs L0NExW0LF — themonstaman wins 2:0

Thank you to everyone who participated, as well as those that joined in to spectate.
We look forward to hosting more contests in the future.

As a reminder, if you are interested in hosting your own event, feel free to contact the Staff.

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Event Information

We are pleased to invite you all to a server wide event on February 6 @ 10PM UTC.
The event will be a battle, and there is no cap on the number of participants.
There is also an area for spectators should you choose not to participate.

Gear will be supplied, so don't worry if you're not far along yet, as everyone will have a fair chance of winning.
Please leave your personal possessions at home, as they are not permitted in the arena.

Teamspeak is required for this event.
While you are not required to mic up, you must be on teamspeak to participate.
This is to ensure there is no confusion and that everyone receives the same information.

We understand some of you may not be able to attend due to playing in the off hours.
While this event is occurring during peak hours on the server, we look forward to holding future events at different times to give everyone a chance to play.

Everyone is free to check out the arena beforehand, it's located near spawn in the Event Hub at x: 185 z:880, or you can use the teleporter at spawn.

Event Prizes


All winners will receive the trophy above displayed on their site profile, as well as the following in game rewards:

1st — Two creative tinkerer's construct modifiers and two green heart canisters.
2nd — One creative tinkerer's construct modifier and one green heart canister.
3rd — One green heart canister.

Interested in hosting your own event? Feel free to contact the staff and let us know!

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Due to the sudden influx of new players we have decided to close the Whitelist Applications for now and not accept more players.
If you have a friend who wants to join and you are already whitelisted on the server, they will have priority, tell them to mention you in their application.
Everyone else will be placed on a waiting list and we will slowly let more players join depending on the Weekly Activity Report to ensure stability and not overload the server.

We are not adding more servers, the focus of this server is a friendly atmosphere with mature players and not profit (high player numbers).
If you have any questions about this or anything else server related, please use this post to do so.

Edit: Applications are open again!


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