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I updated the Kreation 2 to the latest and probably last version of Create for 1.15.2. Also updated all mods that had any updates, unless there are any major new issues this will be the last pack update!

That doesn't mean the server will be going away too soon, the plan is to keep it up at least until there's a replacement on 1.16. Have fun playing!

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Updated the server to 1.2.1 please update your pack, should fix a few KubeJS issues.

Changelog on CurseForge

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Please update your pack! There's a bunch of new mods added with these updates, including the Thermal series and Chisel&Bits please report issues to the mod authors as you discover them. Other than that, have fun and read the full changelog on CurseForge:

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Updated the server to 1.1.5, please update your pack to play!
This update is mostly a bunch of dupe fixes, but also allows you to use Uranium in the Bigger Reactors.

Changelog on CurseForge:


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