Passive mob Limits questions

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    Are we using default mob limits for passive mob generation?
    if so can we get a ruling on chunk loading?
    the fluid cow mod and any other passive mob content is useless if only the first few people to get a pasture up can have any spawn.

  • Staff

    Yes we do, I was told about this issue, honestly not sure how to solve it..
    if I raise it now just a few other people gonna get mobs, then in a few days I have to raise it again etc and nothing will stop the players who already have a bunch to get more. Actually I'm not even sure how raising the limit would work, the passive mob spawn system is rather complex.

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    i think we need a rule for unloading the chunks they are in if your offline.
    that drops the number "spawned" and hopefully frees up the cap. wont do shit for peak time but at least the night crew has a chance.
    the other option is to de blacklist the mfr and enderio spawners for fluid cows but that can be... bad

  • Staff

    already in place, chunks of players that haven't been online for 48 hours shouldn't get loaded

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    thats a loong time and the players who are on and have the mobs are usualy active

  • Staff

    anything shorter makes playing on a server pointless you want your automation running while your offline, especially in skyblock with passive resource gathering

    if you look online a lot of people seem to have this issue on servers and singleplayer and I'm honestly not sure what the best way to approach this would be, I could setup vending machines for spawn eggs but how do you balance those cost-wise

    edit: actually looking into it, the cap seems to be per chunk not per world, so try disabling your hostile mob spawners and have patience

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    Not a solution to the problem but you should try the ex compressum mob bait. It´s really cheap (for example 2 seeds for a chicken bait) They work seperatly and so far work fine for me.

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    passsive and hostile mobs use a different cap passive uses

    mobCap = constant * chunks / 289

    and the different groups use

    Hostile = 70
    Passive = 10
    Ambient (Bats) = 15
    Water (Squids) = 5

    as their constants (

    I think that de blacklisting and puting a a large cots on autospawning would be the only sorta fair way to make them availible to everyone eventualy

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