• Staff

    We have a small set of rules that users are expected to follow.
    While we are a laid back group, please respect them.

    1. No Griefing
      Do not intentionally take or destroy anyone's property.
      Using x-ray mods or anything similar is not permitted. This also includes duping items and/or using bugs to give yourself an unfair advantage.

    2. Keep Tickrate High
      Do not leave a large amount of items on the floor. Try not to have excessive amounts of machines.
      If you cause TPS issues we will have to modify your base to comply.

    3. Keep Drama Private
      If you have an issue with a user that cannot be resolved in private talk to the mods.

    4. No Spamming
      In game and on the forums, please don't spam excessively.

    5. Know Basic English
      Please know enough English (written or spoken) to communicate with the staff as needed.
      We welcome people from everywhere, we just want to be able to talk to you if problems occur.

    6. No Handouts
      We are fine with trading items, but please do not ask for items for free.
      Everyone works hard for their items, and you should, too.

    Mods have final say
    If the moderators feel that a user is causing issues/violating rules on a regular basis, we will take disciplinary action.
    While this can be appealed, ultimately the mods have final say in bans.

    Rules may be added on an as needed basis.

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