Enigmatica 2 Light Server Opening

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    After our long trek through vanilla+, nostalgia, and expert packs, we are excited to announce our next server, Enigmatica 2 Light. This modpack is an all-purpose kitchen sink with plenty of quests to guide you through the more than 150 included Mods. It features all of your favorite classics such as Mekanism, Immersive Engineering, Tinkers' Construct, and the Thermal series, without disabled items or nerfed recipes. Since we are running the light version of the pack it also shouldn't be too demanding!

    You can download the pack from the Twitch Launcher. Just search for Enigmatica 2 Light.

    The server will open Friday, May 3rd, around 6pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

    Server Address: enigmatica.stonebound.net

    As always, you can see the server map at map.stonebound.net/enigmatica2 and possibly pick a spot where you would want to live.
    We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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    Thanks for your interest, but this isn't the place to write your application. Have another look in the Application Info post.

  • @simibubi Oh, im blind ksks, sorry

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