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    Please make sure to read the rules before you apply.
    As a reminder, this is an 18+ community; younger applicants may be considered, but do not lie about your age. You must be 16 or older to apply.

    Whitelisted on a previous Stonebound server? Whitelisting carries over across all our servers, so you do not need to apply again.

    To apply, make a new topic in this subforum, titled with your Minecraft username ONLY. Include your age, your current country, how you found us, and any history of bans or lying about your age. We prefer longer applications, so feel free to add on any information about yourself as a player or a person. Examples of this are: how you got into Minecraft, your favorite mod, favorite things to do in game or in real life, and other hobbies/interests. Please include a minimum of five sentences.

    We will reject short applications, players that lie about their age, and players that harass the staff to review their application sooner.

    Every applicant must submit their own application with their own forum account. We use the forum to communicate about temporary and long term bans, as well as to announce pack changes and updates.

    Applications will be processed within 24 hours of submitting. If 24 hours has passed, you may message a staff member to remind them.

    After you have completed your application, feel free to hop on Discord.
    Community is important to us, and a simple hello can leave a great impression.

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