Life in the Village Server Opening

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    However you are welcome to apply for our other servers.

    We are happy to announce our next server, Life in the Village. A light, vanilla-esque pack centered around village building and exploration, adding a variety of unique mods to play around with including Minecolonies and Millénaire. We will make use of a special modified terrain generator and a separate dimension for exploring dungeons, helping you to get the most out of the experience.

    You can download the pack from the Twitch Launcher. Just search for Life in the Village in the modpack section.

    The server will open this Friday, January 4th, around 5pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

    Server Address:

    As always, you can see the server map at and possibly pick a spot where you would want to live.

    With this server launch we are also announcing the shutdown of Revelation next weekend, Saturday, January 12th. As our probably longest running pack to date, it is time to make room for new packs. Look out for more announcements coming soon.

    We hope you all have a wonderful new year, and are looking forward to seeing you on the server!

  • Hi phit, one thing, on the Twitch, the version 1.08 of the modpack refuses to login because of some mod mismatch, soo i switched to 1.07, and it occurred the same problem, can you guys see if there's any possible way of fixing it?

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    plenty of people playing fine with 1.08, try switching to 1.08 again.. Twitch can be special

  • @phit I'll try thanks

  • how do i join the community?