• Hi, I'am Fletcher_33 I have 16 years old. I come from France, baguette country. That's why I have a bad level in English. I have find your server when I looked for a modded server for play with mods and with other persons. I have never lynong in my age and I have never ban in my player history. I am a musician, i play saxophone and i play il a jazz band. I like also play soccer with my friend. I have begin playing minecraft at 10 years old and playing with mods since my 13 years. I very like playing skyblock modpack like project ozone, skyfactory or the french modpack Ragnamod V. I like also the modpack Antimatter Chemistry, I have find this forum think's to this mod. I hope my english is acceptable and thaht you will accepect me in your server. Thank you, bye

  • Staff

    Hey thank you for your interest, our Antimatter Chemistry server closed May this year. If you are still interested in any of our current servers or would like to join us in the future, let us know and we will review your application.

  • Yes, I saw that the Antimatter Chemistry server is closed. I would like join one of your servers, if it's possible

  • Helper

    hello fletcher, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    I used to play in a pipe band about 4 years ago playing the bagpipes (noise maker) and definitely would say playing in a band is a great time
    have fun and I hope to see you online

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