Screenshot Contest & Old Server Shutdown

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    Screenshot Contest

    Back in January we held a small screenshot contest, and we've decided to begin offering it as a monthly contest. Users can submit their Minecraft screenshots here, and each month we will go through the thread and select a few screenshots to be featured on the homepage. Winners will also receive the forum trophy below, which will showcase the month and year your screenshot was selected.


    Screenshots submitted must be taken by you and be a screenshot from one of our servers.
    Users can win multiple times, however, a screenshot can only be chosen to be featured once!

    Infinity Normal & The Pioneers Shutdown

    Due to lack of players we took down our Infinity Evolved: Normal and The Pioneers server, you can find the world downloads here. Expect new servers soon, replacing both Infinity Normal and The Pioneers!

  • May I request that at least one of them be in 1.8/1.9

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    @mitchthequaker said in Screenshot Contest & Old Server Shutdown:

    May I request that at least one of them be in 1.8/1.9

    that's the plan!

  • grazie for the world download for infinity. cant say i'll play infitech 2. i voted for the 1.7.10 pack. but i'll continue my adventures in the infinity world. thanks again.

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