All the Mods 3 updated to 5.2

  • Staff

    We just updated the server to the latest version, please update your pack!


    Added Mods

    • Added Wizardry
    • Added Pam's Cookables
    • Added PlusTiC


    • Advanced Rocketry Config Changes
    • Grabbed the new Foamfix
    • Disabled Wizardry Update checker/notification
    • Reduced Plants flower worldgen spawn rate
    • Fixed recipe issue with ludicrite blocks (closes #298)
    • Made IC2/TR Transformer upgrades interchangeable (closes #280)
    • Fixed recipe conflict with Futura chisel blocks and CC Modem (closes #278)
    • Attempted to blacklist Temporal bee from CareerBees

    Forge Updated

    • 2556

    And of course

    • Updated All the Mods

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