FTB Horizons 3 Server Opening

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    We are happy to announce our next server: FTB Horizons III. It's our first FTB pack in quite some time, and their first real 1.12.2 pack to come out. Just like the previous Horizons packs, it tries to spotlight some of the newer and less well-known mods, while rounding the experience with new iterations of older, established ones like Thermal Expansion.

    You can download the pack from the Twitch Launcher. Just search for Horizons in the Feed The Beast modpack section.

    The server will open Wednesday, November 8th, around 8pm UTC (click here for your timezone).

    Server Address: h3.stonebound.net

    As always, you can see the server map at map.stonebound.net/horizons and possibly pick a spot where you would want to live.
    We hope you'll enjoy playing Horizons III, and look forward to seeing you on the server Wednesday!

    Also as a reminder, we are doing a holiday card exchange this year and the sign-ups are still open until the 10th of November. You can sign up via this form. For more information on the card exchange, please check the initial announcement post.

  • I plan to play on this server when it comes out (moreso than the other ones - I've mostly been waiting for a new, fresh server to come out to devote more of my time to).

    Does anyone want to team up? I play mostly magic mods, but I do enjoy finding novel ways to automate nearly everything I can. In this pack, I'll probably go heavily into the magic mods, like Astral Sorcery and Evilcraft (which I personally don't have a lot of experience with).

    I do want to say that I do have a lot of other commitments, so my playtime on the server probably won't be nearly as much as it once was back in the TPPI days (if anyone remembers me from then as Evilshallwin), but I'll still try to play a decent amount.

  • @Eien Yeah sign me up, I usually play solo and never really get to the "big megabase" - usually focus on small, clean automation and interesting mechanics. Would be fun to try casual play with someone else 🙂

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