Upcoming pack, events & holiday card exchange

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    We are excited to announce the opening of the Stonebound Homecoming server next friday!
    The pack itself aims to be played like vanilla and therefore contains very few game-changing mods. To add to the experience, a special type of terrain generation (map) will be used on the slightly smaller world.

    As usual, you can download the pack from the Twitch Launcher. Just search for 'Homecoming' in the launcher.

    Homecoming will launch October 20, 7pm UTC (click here for your timezone).
    Server Address: home.stonebound.net

    With the holidays coming up, Stonebound has decided to run a holiday card exchange! If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form. Addresses will only be visible to the staff team and the user that will be sending you your card.
    While handmade cards are perfectly acceptable, we ask that you consider the cost of postage before deciding to participate. There is an option for a domestic card exchange, where we will try to match you with someone from the same country or region, if you want to save money on postage.

    You have until 11:59 PM UTC (click here for your timezone) on November 10th to enter. Then, we will contact you with the information of the person you will be sending a card to. Once you've sent your card out, please notify our staff team! All cards should be mailed out by December 8th to ensure they arrive before the end of the year.

    If you cannot send a card after signing up for any reason, please let the staff team know as soon as possible. Failure to send a card without notifying staff before the deadline will result in a ban from all future Stonebound events.

    Since the build contest had to end abruptly due to Age of Engineering closing, the staff has decided to reward every participant with an in-game trail. However, we are still holding a vote for the overall winner. The winner(s) will receive a forum trophy as well as the in-game trail. Not everyone was able to finish, so keep that in mind when looking at the images.
    You can view the entries by clicking on the participant usernames below:

    AstralGen - evanthebruce, KineticKirby, simibubi - GwendlynnChaslor, Adyinn, TerrisFarrin, Rubychaslor - nepolitana - pekanpye

    You can vote in the forum topic! Voting will close on October 21st at 3pm UTC (click here for your timezone).
    Rewards will be distributed after voting has closed.

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    wow simibubis base. wow

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