All the Mods 3 updated to 3.3

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    All the Mods 3 was updated to version 3.3, please update your pack!



    • WARNING: Greatly reduced conversion of Mekanism Joules to RF -- see "RF" note below
    • Nerfed Tech Reborn wind generator output from 512RF/t to 128RF/t -- see "RF" note below
    • Thermal Expansion Dynamos RF output BUFFED by 50% -- see "RF" note below
    • Re-arranged scripts files and enabled a "simplified" pack mode -- see "Recipe" note below
    • Changed JustEnoughDimensions config that was preventing difficulty from being changed or bonus chest to spawn
    • Disabled Minecolonies Barbarians (concerns of possible lag due to excessive entities / block updates during invasions)
    • Immersive Engineering blocks no longer invisible (thanks to an IE mod update)
    • Removed Tech Reborn BAUXITE from worldgen, buffed Immersive Engineering's bauxite oregen (existing chunks not affected)
    • Reduced Tech Reborn GALENA ore worldgen (existing chunks not affected)
    • Re-generated Environmental Tech's Void multiblock's json resources lists
    • Removed "blocks" module from JAOPCA for all resources and fixed black quartz block recipe crafting back into 4 black quartz
    • Minor -- JAOPCA color of yellorium is now more yelloriumish

    Recipe Changes

    • Added recipes for CREATIVE-ONLY items for an optional challenge
      • These use new items and do not change existing item's recipes to be more difficult (this is not an "expert" pack)
      • These recipes are intended to be extremely difficult for anyone interested in a challenge, but are 100% optional
    • Added "PackMode" mod to allow users to play in "simplified" mode without our intended recipe balance
      • To change to the "simplified" mode either edit packmode.cfg or /packmode simplified in game (FULL RESTART REQUIRED)
    • Added recipes for AE2 presses as alternative to excessive meteor hunting
    • Extreme Reactors' balance recipes made somewhat easier
    • Removed EXU2 chunkloading ward and Mek anchor upgrade recipes (in-line with other chunkloader removals)
    • Completely changed the advanced wand core. It is now (probably) much easier than before.
    • Fixed recipe conflict with diamond chips vs nuggets
    • Added IC2/IE uranium ore alongside yellorium to oredict convert script
    • Added method to convert aluminum dust to bauxite dust and vice versa
    • Added more books to akashic tome "default" recipe (remember -- craft a single piece of dirt to get a new book)

    RF/Power changes

    A previous update accidentally buffed Mek conversion of Joules to and from RF/FE when it was intended to be a slight nerf. Now that this has been identified and nefed as originally planned, the effect is greater than it would have been initially. The "Warning" is because current working systems in equilibrium of energy production/usage will likely no longer be. What really changed: Mek generators all produce their default Joules/tick except for wind gen and bio gen that were nerfed slightly. The change applies to converting Joules into RF/FE to power other, non-Mek machines, OR using RF/FE to power Mek stuff. Mekanism will be able to power it's own machines well, but powering OTHER machines will not be as effective anymore. The conversion in and out is the same, so if you pur 50 RF into a Mek cell, you can get 50 RF back out, it's just that now that 50RF won't be worth as many Mekanism Joules anymore.

    • Tech Reborn wind generator was producing 128EU/t (512RF/t) when the other Tech Reborn passives (Water and Solar) would only produce 32EU/t (128RF/t). The wind gen has been changed to match.
    • Thermal Expansion Dynamos have had RF output across all tiers increased by a rate of 50% to be more in-line with other RF options that can outpace them quickly. 50% buff means 20rf/t becomes 30rf/t or 100rf/t becomes 150rf/t, etc.

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