All the Mods 3 Server Opening and Build Event Update

  • Staff

    The build event is drawing to a close and we have had a few requests to move the end date a few weeks back to allow more people to sign up. You can find more information on the contest and the sign up form here.
    We've decided to add another two weeks which means the event will end on September 16, 2017 3pm UTC (click here for your timezone). Please sign up if you haven't so far, don't worry if you aren't finished yet.

    We would also like to announce the next server opening which will be All the Mods 3. This pack is great for those of you who don't enjoy the hard mode experience of Age of Engineering and would like to try out all the new things in Minecraft 1.12.

    All the Mods 3 will launch September 15, 2017 at the usual 7pm UTC (click here for your timezone).

    Server Address:

    We are also in the process of evaluating future packs that will follow the Age of Engineering server, but don't have a timeline for that yet. For now, Age of Engineering is still active and you can still join and catch up to the rest. Stone Age will stay up until further notice and phit may push a final update for the pack soon.

    Thank you everyone for your continued support, and as a reminder, you can now support us on Patreon!

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