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    I am Senmori. I am 28, from Florida, USA. I generally like to focus on tech/building. I'm not a huge collector of blocks, but I do like to make sure I have plenty of blocks to use, just in case.
    I've played Minecraft since 2011, and been playing modded for a while now. I took a break from MC for about six months or so, and for the past month I've been playing SF3/DW20 packs for the past month getting used to playing modded.
    I'd like to join because I think I'm going crazy from talking to myself all the time while playing single player.


  • Hope you get whitelisted!

  • Staff

    Hey Senmori!
    Hope you have fun on our server 😉
    I just added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound.

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