[SF3] [Refined Storage] Deleting items

  • Hello all.

    I recently setup a Refined Storage system with a single 16k storage cell. I moved almost all of my stuff into it, and still had a ton of space (I left mob drops and ore pieces outside). However, about 5-10 minutes later I came back to try to craft something using my nether quartz. It was gone. It, along with my essences from my farm (I had something like 200 Inferium, prudentium, Intermidum, and about 150 supermium) were all gone. Also gone was my infusin stone, all my saplings, the majority of my harvested crops (watermelon, pumpkin, hemp, carrots,) and a whole lot more i dont think i will recover.

    I did put in 5 chance icosahedrons and 3 chance cubes if that matter.
    alt text

    Please help me resolve this.


    PS: you can ask baha47 and redbits1974 if you think I am just trying to get free stuff.

  • Staff

    I can roll back your base, but I need an accurate timestamp when everything broke. This is also quite a serious bug I haven't seen yet, anything else you did before it happened that might have triggered it?

  • Hi phit!

    Unfortunatly I do not have an accurate timestamp. In order to be safe, I think Saturday the 29th at 10:00 PM should be far back enough.

    One thing that I think may have triggered it was the fact that I was using my magnetization ring to move stuff outside my inventory. For example, I filled up all of my inventory and then went up to a storage drawer and then took an extra 6 stacks out, and then led it along my base to my RS system. I would dump my inventory, and the pick up the 6 stacks, thanks to my ring, and it would appear to go into the system. Not sure if that would have broken anything though.

    Thanks for the help,

  • Staff

    What timezone? And no that wasn't it, I do that quite often myself. Also do you have any chunkloaders?

  • Timezone EST. No chunkloaders

  • Staff

    solved, base was rolled back.. crossing my fingers this bug doesn't hit ever again

  • On server restart on January 29th, 2017, at 11:00 PM EST, I was rolled back to the 2017-01-28_17:58
    save. my inventory was kept, everything else on my island was rolled back.

    what is going on.

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