• Hello! My name is Dylan (or Lathirex in-game), a 19 year old from the UK and I've recently had an urge to get back into modpacks after a long break from them. The last time I played was over half a year ago on Attack of the B-Team where I dabbled in just about everything, from Witchery to RedPower, and I was fairly good at it after some reading up on how things work. I was quite proud when I set up a warehouse linked to a terminal for easy item storage. For the last week or so I've been playing FTB Departed and enjoying it quite a lot, but there's a few things missing from the pack for me and it's hard to play alone so I decided to look into Infinity which is closer to home for me and my previous experiences.

    I prefer smaller community servers over larger ones since there's a much more comfortable feeling to them and that is what drew me to this one. Larger servers also tend to ban half the items and/or lock them behind a "donation" paywall too which is a big turn off. Overall, they're not fun for me.

    At the moment I'm currently ill (darn you winter) and probably won't be on TS until my sore throat is better. I also work around 20-30 hours a week so I won't be on all the time. Still, I hope you'll consider me an I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Staff

    Hey Dylan,

    glad you found your way to us. I hope you enjoy playing on our servers, I just whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound! Get well soon, see ya on server :)

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