• Hi, I'm CountFunkulaa.
    I'm intrested in joining your server because I am tired of joining overly populated servers that are full of lag, Griefers, and little children that think they own everything.
    I have heard about you from my friend Smith_Orcerson, saying that the server is a nice, non-laggy server.
    I am of 16 years of age, and a very friendly person.
    I've been playing minecraft since 2010, and I believe it was in beta at the time. On an old server, on Attack of the B Team, I was nominated to be a moderator if I was online more.
    I usually keep to myself and friends, but if people are open to talk, I will have no problem with making new friends :smile:
    I'm good with other players, unless they like to dick around.

  • Staff

    Your application is a little short and I would usually decline it, but since you have friend on the server I'm asking you to write a little bit about yourself and why we should accept you, then I'll review your application again. I hope you understand.

    edit: just reply

  • This post is deleted!

  • @phit I just edited it.

  • Staff

    thankyou, that's better :) I went ahead and whitelisted you.
    Welcome to Stonebound, see you on the server soon!

  • @phit Thank you very much:smile:
    Im looking forward to playing with you guys!

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