• Hey guys,

    My name is Conner. I would love an opportunity to join your server, just by the looks of what I have seen, it looks like it would be a great match for each other.

    Anyways more about me, I am 20. I had played minecraft/ftb for about 3-4 years steadily on a server much like this, small/active/friendly community. unfortunately that server lost members and the owner decided to close down shop. So I have been looking off and on and have been unsuccessful in finding a server to join since then.

    Being 20, I am also in my 2nd year of college. I am a double major in marketing and finance (prob unimportant information, but ehh you said you liked long applications haha). With that being said, I seem to have a lot of free time in my dorm room, so I would love to be able to kill it with you guys. I would also love to be a part or help and any builds and really anything that is happening.

    Anyways hopefully you got through that book I just wrote. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Thank you,

    Conner (cdconrad)

  • Staff

    Hey Conner!
    Maybe you have more luck here and it's always nice to learn a bit more about applicants.
    Have fun killing some time here, added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound 😉

  • Hey thank you phit,

    Unfortunately the latest direwolf pack and my macbook are not getting along. I am hoping to get it figured out so I can join in with you guys soon.

    Thanks again for the whitelist!

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