Shop Building Contest Finalists Voting

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    We would like to thank everyone that participated in our shop building contest, which came to a close earlier today. After careful consideration, we would like to announce our finalists!

    Spunmunkey and Rhea

    Forumkid22 and Misshaptat


    Congratulations to these entries for making it to the final three! You will all receive your choice of either a Wing Of The Bat, or an Unbreakable Builders Wand. PM myself or another staff member for you prize.

    Now the winner will be chosen by popular vote. You can take a quick look at any of the builds by clicking on the contestants names. We encourage you to visit the shops in person before you vote. Voting will close January 29th, 12:00 PM UTC.

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    Congratulations to Spunmunkey and Rheajr for winning our shop building contest!

    We would also like to thank everyone that participated in the contest. Thanks to you this event was a success. We hope you all are willing to participate in our upcoming events as well.

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