• Minecraft User:Baha47
    Located: United States, Kansas
    I am excited to be applying for this server! I've been looking for a good healthy community with no banned items so i can play on the server with lots of people and have fun building! I have been playing Minecraft for years. I am a very active player and spend a lot of time working to improve and build with the other members of the server. I'm easy to get along with and can make it a fun environment. I'm not into pvp or "joking" around (ex:greifing, cheating, etc) because i like the hard survival aspect of the game, and looking back and seeing everything i've accomplished. I am willing to help out other players the best i can to make it more enjoyable for them to play also.
    Thanks for Considering my application

  • Staff

    Hey Cody, I just added you to our whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound and have fun on our servers 😉

  • Thank you! Glad to be aboard!

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