SOLVED Ghosting Blocks

  • FusFusionPFox and I are having a bit of an issue on our SF3 island with ghosting Blocks. There have been several occurances of this.
    The first was when I was building a mob farm and there was light just being produced out of nothing. I had placed torches before but had broken them.
    The second was when I rebuilt the mob farm again and without placing torches, there was light in the farm. It was, according to the F3 menu, sky light.
    The third occurance is now with our Magma generator, EnderIO tank, SAG mill, and alloysmelter. All three appear to be ghosting where the blocks were previously and a machine block will appear where the magma generator was before.

    Just for clarification, when I say ghosting, I mean the block is acting like it's there when it is definitely not there.

  • Staff

    What did you break the blocks with?
    I found this a while ago, but never a way to reproduce it properly..

  • @phit

    For the torches I think I used my fist, for the blocks definitely my Tinker's Construct Pickaxe made of an iron head, obsidian binding, and a bone rod.

  • Staff

    @GameSpriter Weird, regardless they should disappear when the server restarts, let me know when they don't. I'll do some more testing for it when I find some free time!

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