• IGN: Fractureskull
    Age: 19

    Hello, I'm from San Diego, CA,(I couldn't find your server location so I have know idea how I will fair with ping) I saw your post on the FTB forums and the small server size, modpack and the fact that it is Normal Mode IE is why I clicked. I have been looking for an FTB server to play on, I found one, but it had stability issues and would stay offline for days on end, so now I'm back to searching. I have been playing FTB for 4-3 years, so I know my way around a lot of the Technical mods like IC2, BC, TE, EnderIO, AE, etc. and a few other ones like Thaumcraft, TinCo, and I have recently been trying to get into some bees from forestry after ignoring that part of the game for awhile, besides that I usually just learn mods as I go.

    Thanks for reading my application,

  • Staff

    Hey Frac,

    talked to you on Teamspeak, just whitelisted you ;)
    Welcome to the community!

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