SkyFactory 3 Shop Building Contest

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    Greetings, everyone!

    With our recent opening of SkyFactory 3, we want to get a shop economy going so you can amass a vast treasure of grass seeds, or whatever turns you on. So, what could be a better way to get the ball rolling than a contest to see who can build the most amazing shop at spawn?

    Your shop should be max. 21x21 blocks and around the paths at spawn. It will be judged on two main criteria points: ingenuity and looks. Three finalists will be chosen by the staff team, and out of these three the winner will be chosen by popular vote using a poll on our forums.

    All finalists will receive Wings Of The Bat from Actually Additions or an Unbreakable Builder's Wand (their choice), additionally, the winner will receive a Dragon Heart.
    You may enter as a team. All members of the team will receive prizes.

    Contest ends Januray 25th, 2017 12pm UTC (Click here for your timezone).

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    Plots are ready. Come make your claim and get started on your shop. To claim your plot, simply place a sign on the cobble in front of it with your In-game name.


    The allowable plots are surrounded by cobble. The 4 open areas directly around spawn are not open for builders.

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    One day left!

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