• (I applied previously but I have changed)
    Age: 16

    I have been playing modded minecraft since tekkit 1.2.5 and prior mod packs. I would say I have tons of experience in modded minecraft and would love to be a part of your server. My favorite mods include anything tech and most recently Hatchery. I love the idea of being able to farm resources from chickens. It is extremely original, but it seems like cheating to use the mod in singleplayer. Due to this, I would love to join your serer so that I can play sky factory 3 with you. I am currently enjoying the sport of baseball and would like to try out for my varsity baseball team. I would greatly enjoy making it to Major League baseball and using that as a base salary for my life. I have been through lots of depression in my life and hope to use this server as a means to escape from it and enjoy life some. I would be forever delighted if you would please let me on your server.

  • Staff

    You lied in your last app and you lie again now? Declined don't bother applying again.

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