• hi , i am Yourself1234

    i would like to enter in your minecraft community, your server seem nice, you got a nice website, its feels right to me as i d'ont like playing on crowded servers and where everyone is accepted and so you get raided the chunk you forgot to protect.

    I am not new to modded minecraft, i began playing before fance gate were in the game ... stopped playing and discovered mods ... now i am a real bible as to the infinity modpack ( latest server i played was 1.7.10 infinity there is probably some change ). I am 24 and i am a reasonable person, I do not break your fun until you break mine

    I did not see your banned item list yet but i suppose it look a lot like most of the other servers

    i also enjoy teamspeak, i readed that you have one somewhere but i did not see the adress on the website ( i probably missed it )

    Also, im a Canadian, i come from quebec so English is not my main language, sorry for the multiple fault in the text XD

  • Staff


    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Upon further review, it seems that there is some difference in information between what you have told us and what we have found.
    Unfortunately we will have to decline your application for this reason, I hope you understand.
    We wish you the best in finding a new server.

  • may i know what you heard about me, and mostly where ... cause to decline me, you certainly heard bad stuff, i d'ont thing i ever did any wrong to a server ?

  • Staff

    @Yourself1234 is your age really 24?

  • no, im actually 26 right now, i did not think that you would pay attention to such a small detail, more than that, i dit not think you would really look up these information. i now want more than before to be part of this server as i know you pay close attention to the people you accept.

    sorry if it disapoint you that i d'ont pay attention to my age as i d'ont think it reflect how much a person is mature or not in a community, i played with 12 years old and they were more mature than a bunch of crazy person that joined server to grief or dupe and ruin an economy.

    would you reconsider my application now that you now know my real age ...

  • Staff

    yeah, we do ;)
    I went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound!

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