• Would like to join a server that is white listed. I find there are always ways around the grief protection and have become tired of work being destroyed by vandals. I prefer to mine and build roads/railways clean up towns and such. I am not overly techy get enough of that in town, primarily use tinkers and some IC2 stuff. Been playing for quite some time and only been to the end 2 or 3 times. MC is my relaxing game. Username is MarkW317 and I am 58 or so, and live in upstate NY.

  • Donator

    Hi, feel u as of destroyed creations. Havent had any of that here, so far... 😄 Its mostly calm and respectful peeps.
    I am a bit "old" myself since Im 45 but appreciate mixed ages alot, probably because I have them all in me 😛
    Played with aswell teenages as almost 60 something and it has sometimes been awesome, a real fortune.
    Hope u can join us soon

  • Staff

    you shouldn't have any issues like this on our servers, and for the case something does happen we make sure to restore everything in question 😉
    I added you to the whitelist, welcome to Stonebound!

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