• Im 17 years old, my minecraft name is Evan930 and obviously my IRL name is Evan and my brother Venlee77 showed me how fun modded minecraft can be and ive been hooked ever since. He showed me this server and i thought it looked awesome and he asked if i wanted to live with him on the server and i said sure. i hope i can get whitelisted because even though im new to modded minecraft, i want to learn all i can about it

  • Staff

    Hey Evan!
    Glad you're enjoying modded Minecraft so far and have fun with your brother on our server 😉
    I just added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound.

  • Thanks Phit! one problem, i get kicked while trying to connect and its a list of (i think) mods, formatted like Mod rejections: FMLMod: blah blah blah, FMLMod: blah blah blah, FMLMod: blah blah blah

  • Staff

    make sure you are on the recommended pack version, which is currently 1.2.2

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