• IGN: Fire_1423
    Age: 17

    Hi, I'm Tim and I am from North Carolina, US. I've been playing Minecraft on and off since Minecraft version 1.5.2. I really got into modded Minecraft after watching Etho's first multiplayer let's play of Minecrack. I found this server on the Feed the Beast forums and this specific server caught my eye because the server was light on banned item.I also prefer a smaller community rather than a server that has like over 50+ players because everybody tends to be friendlier and more close-knit. I hope you'll consider me.

  • Staff

    Hey Tim, thank you for your interest in our server!
    I just added you to our community whitelist, welcome to Stonebound 😉

  • Hello Phit, thank you for adding me to the whitelist to the Stonebound hub server, but I still could not get into the DW20 server( it say that I'm not whitelisted). Please add me to the whitelist for the DW20 Pack and thank you. 🙂

  • Staff

    Apparently I whitelisted you exactly when the server was in the progress of restarting, the whitelisting is across all servers. So I just ran it again, should be good now! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thank you 🙂

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