• Hello my name is Psykun, and i am 21 years old and live in germany. I would really like to play on your server cause me and my friend searching for a long time to find a good modded server to play. We have played some Modpacks like Infinity(expert), SkyFactory, Skyfactory 2 and some more. Now we are searching for a new Direwolf20 1.10 server and I hope me and my frienc can play on your server to find friends who like to play in a team. Oh, and i find your server on I would appreciate if we could play on your servers. My mcname is Psykun like my username. My friends mcname is SonnyRascha. When he has to do a several application please inform me. 😉

  • Staff

    Hey, I added you to our whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound! Yes, your friend will have to make his own application.
    See you on the server 😉

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