• Hello, I have been playing modpacks for quite some time now, but have never really gotten very far with groups of people. I have been searching for a while for a server where I can meet new people and make some really cool things while helping each other. I am 16 years old, and live in West Virginia. My main account was recently hacked, so if you are going to whitelist me, please whitelist the name MrFitzwater, as this is my friends account that he let me borrow while I am getting mine back.

    Thanks for considering me, Trey

  • Staff

    Hey Trey,

    maybe you have some luck here :) I just went ahead and whitelisted you, so welcome to the community!
    Good luck getting your account back. Please send me a message on here when you have your account back, then I can remove your friends account from the whitelist and transfer all your userdata (inventory, achievements etc.) to your account.
    See ya on the server soon!

  • Ok thanks!

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