• Hi my name is Jemma, minecraft name Jemith, I'm 27 live in the south of the UK, in a town named Portsmouth =] I found out recently that a server I've been playing on for a while has been permanently shut down =[ so I have been on the search for a new one, lucky you I've picked this one hehe =p
    I'm very friendly, I will always chat but usually keep myself to myself as I am probably delving deep into a mod and need all my braincells to work xD, I wont bother others but would be more than happy to help if anyone asks.
    Hope I get accepted and see you in game =]

  • Staff


    sorry for the delay it's been quite overwhelming the last few days here :)
    Solo players are always welcome, i just went ahead and whitelisted you!

  • No worries and thank you very much =D

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