• Hello there! Well, i was born in 1999 and im a young 17 yo Minecraft player. Really i haven't played Minecraft in the last year, mainly because i have played other games, but sometimes i want to play a lot of MC so i look up a whitelist FTB server and play non-stop there, i love mods. I actually started playing MC when i was like 12 and you had to install all the mods manually and it was a mess.
    It's essential for you to know that i'm from Argentina, south america, but i have studied English since i'm 5 yo and i can communicate perfectly, i have passed several Cambridge exams with distinction and i watch movies and YouTube vids without subtitles, so language barrier wont be an issue.
    Besides of that there is not much to know, i love mods, i like MC a lot, and i just want to have a good time on this Modded server with some friends, i just love the fact that we can build our house and try to make our way trough all the mods and commerce and have fun with neighbors.
    Hope you add me to the whitelist, see you online!

  • Staff

    Heyo, thanks for your interest!
    I added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you in game 😉

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