• Ingame: Suljia
    Age: 20
    Country: Germany

    Heya! I came here from the FTB Forums where i was looking for a Direwolf20 server obviously!
    So far i only played 1.7 FTB Packs and i am super excited to try out finally a 1.10 pack.
    I like to play together with a Friend. (Trondy) that will probaly apply soon too.
    Why you should let me join, well i am a very social player that loves to chat and help.
    For me it is important to have a nice and healthy community on a server, so i always greet people and chat, while i build my witchhut !

    I hope to hear from you soon and find a home on your server!

  • Staff

    Hey Suljia,
    glad to hear that you chose our server to try out 1.10!
    I added you to the whitelist, welcome to our community and I'll see you on the server 😉

  • @phit Woohoo, a new home and a new adventure awaits. Thank you, i hope to see you soon ingame !

  • Heya after a long break from Minecraft Trondy and i would love to play again and have a new adventure.
    We have fond memories of your server and would love to be whitelisted once more!

  • Helper

    Hey suljia, you should still be whitelisted on the server

  • Ohh thank you ! I surely peak into it soon in that case!

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