• Hey there,

    My name is Jelle. I am from The Netherlands. I am currently 18 years old. I have been playing Minecraft since the early Beta days. 'Been playing modded since beta 1.8-ish. Have played through various packs, so far I have enjoyed the old tekkit/technic days the most, although FTB Infinity was an amazing pack too. Haven't played DireWolf his packs that much, but I'm quite familiar with some of the mods in this back.

    I would really like to join this community. It seems like a great place to be and enjoy the game. My IGN is jkleinvelds. I mostly focus on tech based mods. One of my favorite mods to work with is Applied Energistics 2.

    If there are any questions, or if I did not answer everything, please do say so, otherwise I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my application and I am looking forward to playing on the server!


  • Staff

    I have a few question, is it possible for you to get on Teamspeak to clear it up?
    I'll be online for atleast the next ~6hours. Teamspeak IP: stonebound.net

  • Yes of course. I am online right now.

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    Whitelisted after talking to him on Teamspeak.
    Again, welcome to Stonebound 😉

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    Welcome to Stonebound!

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