• Hello!

    Spoke to 34341415515151 on reddit about getting whitelisted. I'm 35, from Pennsylvania. Been a gamer my whole life, got into Minecraft around 1.4.7 (kids got me into it), and modded a bit later. I've run a few servers here and there, but it always ends up being a bit more work than play so I'm just looking for a place that I can enjoy the game, chat with some people and not have to be diagnosing crashes and submitting bug reports all the time 🙂

    ign is nanobug_

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    Hello. Assuming that you're Arm_the_homeless? You were chatting with @phit, our admin. You're whitelisted and ready to go!

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    pssst, don't tell people my incognito reddit username

  • Cool, thanks guys 🙂

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