• Dear StoneBound,

    I have now turned 13 and i'm ready to join stonebound.
    I have been playing minecraft for about 5 years now.
    I have much experience with greg tech and mods in general.
    I am from the US.
    I have always loved greg tech ever since ftb ultimate, and this is one of the only servers, so i am excited to play this modpack on your server.
    When i was looking for a server for infitech 2 and i though your server was so good and that i need to join you.
    I do not hack, xray, etc, i am a very good player that will abide by all the rules.
    I am very experienced and think that i would make a great addition to stone bound, and I could help other players that are stuck with finding ores, transformers, batter buffers, etc
    I started to play minecraft in the olden days of beta, which i quickly discovered a love of servers and mods, so i quickly got FTB, which at first i started with playing FTB ultimate with my friends, which quickly became FTB unleashed, monster, infinity, infinity sky block, and now i am here, wanting to get into your excellent server
    I hope that you will except my application


  • Staff

    Hey :)
    Amazing that you remembered, I added you to the whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound and I look forward to seeing you on the server.

  • Thank you

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