• Account Name : Hallsy

    Age : 21

    Nationality : English

    Reason for application : I have recently got back into modded Minecraft and after several hours of playing single player I lost interest as my world felt empty. I began to look for a server to join to add the element of community and group progression and found this on the FTB server forms under most recent. I am looking for a mature server which I can add to, which is focused on building a community but at the same time respecting others space .

    Availability : I am available most days for a few hours here and there, but that is dependant on my academic responsibilities.

    Experience : I have been playing Minecraft off and on since beta and have dabbled in and out of mods since Tekkit. I also follow several Youtubers who all play vanilla and modded series.

  • Staff

    Hey Hallsy,
    glad to see that you found your way to our community! I just went ahead and whitelisted you, you are free to come online and play.
    See you on the server soon (:

  • Thank you for your quick reply. Sorry to say but I won't be able to get online till Thursday, but you will see me around Thursday evening at the very latest.

  • Staff

    No problem, see ya then!

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