Possible Expansion of the World Border?

  • Yep, another suggestion by me.. so here we go. 😜

    After playing on the Direwolf20 server for awhile, I've noticed a bit of a restriction when it comes to exploring. This becomes even more apparent when you have a means of mass transportation such as a slimesling. So I propose we expand the map to 6000x6000 if possible.

    Now, I know most worlds are pre-genned to remove all sources of "new chunk" lag. Considering the expansion of the world border is exponential, this is the only potential downside to doing this. The only other thing I could think of that could cause a bit of an issue is adding more lag/increasing the file size for backups. Those are possibilities, and without knowing the server package it's impossible to determine if these two potential issues are actually issues. If there is any problems with RAM usage, disk space or CPU usage, maybe staff could reduce the resources used in the more inactive Infinity 1.7.10 pack and allocate them to the 1.10 servers. I feel as though this is in the best interest for the players, seeing as most people play on the Direwolf20 server.

    With the release of the pack, many players who both watch Direwolf20, or watch others play his pack are flocking to find a nice server to play on. This is evident when you look at the sheer amount of players the server gets a day. At peaks, we get 15 or more people on. While this is a spectacular thing for the server and it's community, it's equally troublesome. With the world border being so restricted, and as people continue to join, we'll run out of places to live and explore. Another minor contributor to this is the mass amount of ocean in the world, but that isn't that huge of an issue.

    This is why I suggest expanding the world border a little bit. Just expanding to 6000x6000 opens so many opportunities to everyone. Even maybe 8000x8000. Just a little bigger to accommodate for the flood of new, awesome players.

    Once again, thank you for reading another one of my long-winded suggestion posts. Leave your input below if you agree or disagree with me.

  • Staff

    So the thing is capacity wise we could easily raise it, the problem is this pack is already performing rather badly when a lot of people online and it will just get worse the more people are reaching a later state in the game. 1.10 just isn't at a point to make huge servers, some other communities are experiencing the same issues.

    What I will probably do if the influx of new players keeps up, open a second direwolf20 server and link them to eachother.
    I appreciate the feedback a lot, keep it up and join Teamspeak some time, I'm always happy to chat about stuff like this!

  • @phit So, say the memory leak issues, as well as the skeleton horse/various other server performance issues were fixed; is there a possibility it could be expanded then? Possibly in future pack updates?

    Thank you for letting me know the details again, Phit! Always interesting things happening in the server world. 😛 I'll have to hop in TS sometime!

  • Staff

    Yep, that's a possibility!

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