• I'm a simple guy, geeky and a gamer. Don't like conflicts, like to create and engineer so I love minecraft. Played a lot in single player but I would like to play on a server with a community. I hate people that don't have any respect for others, I don't particularly like PVP unless it is done in a friendly competition way. Like killing someone for no reason just because I can wont do it for me.. I am more of a person that likes to help and maybe explain and exchange ideas with others, even design nut just technical functionality. I tend to believe I am a kind person but I don't have a lot of patience with kids that don't want to learn, they just ask help to skip doing it themselves. If I am aloud you will get to see who I am, you may not like me but I can guarantee you I wont cause any problems for your server or community.

    I understand the need for rules but I disagree with a whitelist server having Only Donators in game items or certain features that a mod gives.. Like offline chunkloading. I agree that it comes with a price to the server but everybody should be aloud to have a small area, maybe a chunk at least, to load while offline.. I go to work for 10 hours a day, when I come home I want to play not go mining or stand by my mining rig just to chunkload it.. or if I have a setup that farms certain items, if no other reason like lag or to much computing, I don't just dislike the limitation I also find it illogical.. you can have a limit for time like after 2 days of not logging in the chunk loader can be turned off or space like just 1 endothermic mine (loads 1 chunk at a time while mining) per user.. etc .. But hey.. that's my opinion and this is your server, you can take my opinion in consideration or .. not. Also I don't understand the reason for banning so many items just because you can grieve with them.. its a whitelist server, you should trust people.. if somebody want to grieve they will find a way and they clearly don't care about a ban.. they are just trolls ..

  • I am 30 and live in Belgium. Sorry I forgot to mention.

  • Staff

  • Hi, I may have gotten carried away 😄
    I meant your server is AWESOME exactly from that reason that you don't ban stuff or sell them.
    I was talking about myself and what I like and dislike 🙂
    Read the rules and the priority order and that you don't ban stuff. Which I appreciate.

  • Hello,
    I want to join the skyfactory3, can you tell me if you accept please ?

  • Staff

    Hey, forgot to reply here, sorry about that. I just added you to our whitelist.

  • @phit thank you very much

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